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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Aren't all wood signs pretty much the same?
    Definitely not. When I stumbled upon this artisan's booth at a local craft fair, I had never before seen anything like these awesome signs. After spending the last 35 years at our own lake and visiting lake houses of friends all across the country, I thought I had seen all types of rustic signs. These are truly unique. Since I saw them, I have scoured the internet and found nothing that even comes close. The quality workmanship coupled with the unique barn wood-style results in quite a product. Whether using your sign indoors to create a rustic atmosphere or outside to point the way to your cabin or cottage, your sign will certainly make a statement. These signs are high-quality, heavy signs. I challenge you to find another custom sign on the internet of this quality in this price range.  back to top

  • Are Good Wood signs chunked out by a machine?
    Absolutely not. These unique signs are hand-crafted by an artisan in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. The wood is crafted and "weathered" to resemble antique barn wood then hand-stained and painted with your custom word or phrase.   back to top

  • From what type of wood are Good Wood signs made?
    Our wood is pine, hand-cut by Amish woodworkers. The artist takes great care in selecting the most distressed wood. From time-to-time, naturally weathered barn wood becomes available, and we use it to make our signs but, most is wood weathered by our artist to resemble barn wood. When placed side-by-side, it would be almost impossible to tell the naturally-aged wood from our weathered wood.   back to top

  • In what colors are Good Wood signs available?
    You have three color choices, grey, red or brown. To achieve an antique weathered look, each sign also has other colors blended in. The signs are blended and shaded with black, white and other complimenting colors. Each sign is hand-stained and, as a result, the color of your sign may differ from those shown in the photographs.   back to top

  • Are all good Wood signs exactly the same?
    Absolutely not. Because each sign is custom made and individually shaded and stained, the color, shape and size of each sign will vary.   back to top

  • Are Good Wood signs treated to help protect them from the elements?
    Yes, all signs are sealed with polyurethane.   back to top

  • How do I hang my Good Wood sign?
    A heavy metal hanger is installed on the back of each sign for hanging. A single nail will hold the signs on an interior wall, on a tree or the outside of your cabin.  back to top

  • How many characters can fit on a Good Wood sign?
    For the listed prices, we permit 12 characters. Blank spaces and punctuation count as characters. Signs can be made to accomodate more than 12 characters, but additional charges will apply. Please call us for a quote on signs with more than 12 characters.   back to top

  • What if I want more than 12 characters on my sign?
    If you wish to order a sign with more than 12 characters, just email us or give us a call and we will give you a custom order quote.   back to top

  • How long are Good Wood Signs?
    The length of each sign will depend on the word or phrase you select. A Good Wood Sign with the maximum number of characters will be approximately 62 inches long. Yes, that's more than 5 feet long. If there are less characters in the word or phrase you select, your sign will be made to accommodate the number of characters. It would certainly look odd to have a 62 inch sign for a four-letter name so we adjust the length of the sign accordingly.   back to top

  • How tall are Good Wood signs?
    Our signs (which have a second board affixed to the back of the wood to create depth) are approximately 8" tall.   back to top

  • How long will it take before my sign is delivered?
    The maximum turn around time is 4 weeks, but we work to get your sign to you as soon as is possible. If you need the sign by a certain date, just let us know and we will do our best to meet your deadline.  back to top

  • How much do Good Wood signs cost?
    $79   back to top

  • Why are Good Wood's prices so reasonable?
    Although this sounds like a self-serving "softball" question, we have been asked this question time and time again. Many custom signs of this size run $300 or more. We are able to keep our costs down due to the large volume of signs we sell.   back to top

  • Are volume discounts available?
    Certainly. If you need more than 6 signs, contact us and we'll be happy to give you a substantial discount.   back to top

  • What are your shipping & handling charges?
    Our signs are usually shipped anywhere in the Continental US for just $10. When you feel the heavy weight of the sign and see the size of the package, you are certain to think that this is very reasonable! For shipments outside the Continental U.S., please contact us for shipping information.   back to top

  • Do you ship outside the US?
    Certainly, just email us with your address and we will give you a shipping quote.   back to top

  • Can I pay by check or money order?
    Absolutely. Just send a check along with an order form to: Good Wood Signs, Inc. P.O. Box 135 Victor, New York 14564   back to top

  • Can I pay by credit card?
    Yes, just follow the Pay Pal link. You do not need to set up a Pay Pal account to pay by credit card.  back to top

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